Love is blind. And how.

From the very first week of The Apprentice, Paloma was the one. I was a tiny bit in love with her. Even though, deep down and buried under a ton of other stuff, I suspected that she wasn't a very nice person. But she was sensible, intelligent and could form whole sentences without stumbling over words, or making them up.

Yet I confess, the main reason I was backing her was because she was so, so beautiful. And just as the entire nation forgot about that toilet attendant incident once Cheryl Cole had some work done and catapulted herself from pretty girl to impossible plastic goddess, I ignored Paloma's arrogance and back stabbing because how could something that looks that good, possibly be bad?

And then, last night, she blew her cover and it was all over. Snarling and spitting like a stray cat backed into a corner, Paloma was vindictive, spiteful, completely lacking in emotional did I get it so wrong? How did I fall for this person in the first place?

Thing is, when she turned up again on 'You're Fired', looking even more amazing, I fell for her all over again. Even the 'evil Paloma' montage failed to put me off. She could have bitten the head off a kitten live on air and I would have probably forgiven her. Just what on earth is wrong with me?